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We invest capital through our Venture Funds and Purdue Angel Network in venture-scale startups we are uniquely positioned to support that can benefit from the strengths of Purdue University and its relationships around the world. 

Our Venture Funds and Angel Network enable us to offer robust capital sources to support venture-scale startups, and through our investments, we’re focused on catalyzing the growth and success of Purdue-connected startups to Series A and beyond.     


Our co-investing community is a robust and dynamic ecosystem of venture capital organizations, angel networks, and private equity firms we collaborate with to bolster the growth and success of our portfolio companies. By pooling resources, expertise, and funding, our co-investing community provides invaluable support, accelerating the development and expansion of promising companies while fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within the Purdue University ecosystem. 


Where novel chemistry and drug design and development come together.
Earlier detection of debilitating disease.
Animated Dynamics uses a patented approach to accurately predict how a tumor will respond to various chemotherapy treatments.
A new era for intelligent assets.
Advancing research in Autism and Fragile X Syndrome to bring to market a solution that treats core social and communication impairments.
A secure mobile platform for health systems.