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If you are planning a public disclosure or offering a product based on the invention in the next 15 days or less, we urge you to contact our office immediately at 765-588-3475.  One of our team members will discuss with you how to manage the situation and if needed, emergency IP protection measures can be taken. 

 *These events adversely impact the ability to obtain patent protection.

Planning a Public Disclosure or Selling a Product Based Upon Invention

Do not make substantive changes to these documents without OTC approval. Agreements are binding only if approved by OTC staff. Please contact the person listed for copies of these forms. You may also contact your case manager at 765-588-3475 for any help you may need concerning these documents.

Permission to Engage in an Outside Activity, Form 32A — This form must be obtained from the business office at your school or department.

Technology Disclosure Form — This form is used for disclosing intellectual property to the Office of Technology Commercialization. The disclosure document is to be prepared and submitted by the inventor(s), and is then completed in conjunction with OTC. It provides the basis for an assessment of patentability and market opportunity; a fully completed Technology Disclosure Form triggers the 6-month Innovation Assessment Process within OTC.

NOTE: Public/non-confidential disclosure or sale (or offer for sale) of intellectual property (IP) prior to obtaining protection will seriously jeopardize the ability to obtain patent protection. OTC requires a minimum of 10 business days (15 business days when a co-owner is involved) to guarantee timely evaluation and necessary protection. In cases where meeting these time requirements is not possible, please contact our Legal Department immediately, 463-202-4755, for advice and guidance.

Public Disclosure Examples:

  • Publication of a manuscript in a printed or online journal
  • A displayed poster
  • A presentation to an audience
  • A lecture describing undisclosed inventions (including classroom lectures)
  • A non-confidential customer/vendor meeting
  • Sale or offer for sale of a “product” resulting from the IP

Copyright Disclosure Form
Contact: Senior Technology Manager, 765-588-3475

Open Source Distribution Copyright Form
Contact: Senior Technology Manager, 765-588-3475

Inventor Information Form
Contact: 765-588-3475

Plant Variety/Germplasm Disclosure
Call OTC at 765-588-3475 for instructions on a Plant Variety/Germplasm Disclosure.

In order to ensure the security of your personal information, the following two forms must be printed out and then hand-delivered to Accounting Division, Purdue Research Foundation:

Request for Taxpayer Identification (W-9)

Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for U.S. Tax Withholding (W-8BEN)

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